So that was 2014

2014 didn’t have the best start for me. Another visit by the black dog over the winter but that did result in me finally getting a SAD light which has helped since and a little better at self care.

My work/life balance got a little tilted towards work. I didn’t have a summer holiday and ended up only taking 20 days holiday, which was a mistake. I have 35 days of holiday in 2015, which I’m determined to take. Much of the holiday I did take was used to attend conferences more or less related to work, another thing to cut back on in 2015. Much of the rest of the time was spent learning new things, mostly via MOOC’s. I’m going to try to be more targeted in 2015, so I can leave more time for other things. September brought a lesson in big company politics, the group I was part of was closed down, so we need to find new roles, lucky I found something and I’m happy on my new team.

It wasn’t all work. I went to the Brighton Tattoo convention and even dragged Mum303 along, which made for an interesting day. Started commuting by boat, which is so much more comfortable than the tube. Went to my first pride and after party, glitter may have happened at some point. Became a person who owns a Television after I think about ten years without one, there is still something about watching a programme at the same time as others and Netflix is just a much better experience.

2014 saw me make better use of actually living in London: I took a steam train on the Underground. Went to two exhibitions at the British Library, Comics Unmasked and Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination. Went to the very fun Hyper Japan.

Wearing dresses also seems to have become a thing. I was refused treatment until I wore a dress by my first Psychiatrist to prove I was serious, so this was a bigger deal than most people realised. I even wore one dress with no back, so my scar was visible, another thing I’m very conscious of.

2014 ended on a sad note, with the death of Leelah Alcorn.

Author: Zoe

A recovering games coder.