Debate The Digital Economy Bill

This weeks letter to my MP over the Digital Economy Bill, asking for a debate, send yours here

Dear Mr Williams

I know I have already contacted you about the Digital Economy Bill on the 19th of March. I am writing now that Harriet Harman MP has announced that the Bill is definitely going to receive a second reading on Tuesday April 6, widely expected to be the day an election is called.

Giving only 90 minutes to scrutinise a 24,000 word bill seems far from adequate, despite concerns being raised by members from both sides of the House. The debate in the unelected Lords is welcome but a Bill that all sides see as so important merits debate by elected representatives.

Over 17,000 letters have been sent to MPs in the last week. Showing people are concerned about this issue. I ask that you do everything you can to raise this issue with party managers to make sure that a proper debate and scrutiny take place on this bill in a new Parliament.


Author: Zoe

A recovering games coder.