Bristol and Startups

This is just an archived version of a thread on twitter a few people had about startups in the UK and Bristol in particular. This mostly is so I have an easy to link to version for a braindump of some more links and thought on the subject.

johnbradford: Giant Were-Rabbit to convince commuters to set up business in the South West *sigh* marketing gone mad?

t1mmyb: @johnbradford there’s a bigger issue of London-centricity throughout politics and business that a marketing gimmick won’t solve

Z303: @t1mmyb @johnbradford Reminded me of a post by Tom Coates that in part asked why Bristol did not have more startups

t1mmyb: @Z303 😕 at comment by kawt “Bristol thinks too much of itself and is too arrogant to survive in a business that changes hour by hour.”

paparatti: @Z303 – hasn’t the UK only really just started producing great start ups now? And those were in London.

johnbradford: @t1mmyb not sure I’d agree with kawt on that – if anything Bristol needs be a bit more self-promoting and joined up

Z303: @t1mmyb Just read it, Bristol being right wing! most people I meet are left wing or centrist, maybe if I moved in different circles

Z303 @paparatti I guess the big one is, Someone had a good post about how the BBC should be helping like it did with the BBC Micro

mikedunn: @paparatti Hence I’m always surprised Twitter hasn’t taken off more in the UK- we’ve been obesessed with our mobiles for years here.

paparatti: @Z303 – re: right wing, I think it’s a 50/50 split between racist bigots and hippies in this city.

johnbradford: have to agree with @z303 perhaps if we were *more* right wing and bolshi we’d have more Valley style start-ups 🙂

johnbradford: or at least commercially minded rather than hippy lifestyle – commercial hippies?

Z303: @paparatti That would explain why we get strange mixes

Z303: @johnbradford Should have used quotes, I was saying that find kawt’s comment does not ring true of the people I know here

Z303: @johnbradford And being bolshi is nothing to do with being left or right wing, more to believing in something

johnbradford: @z303 do you find Brizzol folks collaborative or commercially driven enough (ignoring political leanings) to start-up business rather than lifestyles?

johnbradford: @Z303 I know some very cool and creative Bristol companies but they’re aren’t putting themselves on the growth curve you see in the US

Z303: @johnbradford commercial but things like fairtrade/green issues being a larger driver

johnbradford: @Z303 FrankWater being a great example I guess

Z303: @johnbradford Another thought UK has always been better a small bespoke places, more 37 signals than yahoo!

samharding: @johnbradford that’s bonkers

johnbradford: @Z303 true, but can you build a bespoke service that scales? Ning? Mobile apps?

johnbradford: It’ll be interesting to see if the Pervasive Studio delivers anything scalable/sustainable

Z303: @johnbradford perhaps niche would have been a better word, I was also thinking about race car vs. road cars, lots of F1 work is UK based

pop3d: authentication error: Input/output error

I was getting this on my server, so I did what anyone would do and googled it.

So to hopefully stop other searching for a solution, when moving from one authentication module to another they changed how spaces in passwords were handled, whatever the new modules is does not like them, so you may find you just need to change your password.

Server Project

As twittered back in December, I got a new PC, so my mother got my old system, which left her old system spare.

It seems so simple, get a big hard drive and rip all my CDs, at last, I mean its not like its was a 286. Its a 900MHz AMD Athlon with a 120Gb ATA100 drive, 512Mb RAM, two extra ATA133 ports, 1 ethernet port, so more than fine for a bit of file server.

I now got around to getting the drives and ripping out the modem, floppy drive, CDR and slapped Ubuntu server on the main drive. Which was super minimal, even the ssh server is an extra package.

Its still very much up in the air what I’m going to use it for, but so far I have Music server (no idea which one but maybe SqueezeCenter), so form of IMAP email to get all that data off my desktop, a bit torrent client so I can just leave them running and I’ve really wanted to play with Asterisk for a while now.

I can see this taking lots of time and having a learning curve but I’ve been admining my Ubuntu laptop for a few years now and a few of the servers at work, so I should be fine and anyway not knowing what I’m doing has never stopped me in the past.

I wonder how many time I end up reinstalling stuff?

P2P Crackdown?

So Friday was being shut down (Jack Schofield‘s and the Open Right Group comments), now today I find out about Oink, which was the first I’d heard about that site (Points West Look North report on YouTube (via:waxy) and DJ Rupture comments (also via:waxy)).

Both were international operations with people in a number of countries arrested and high profile, I mean get a TV news crew to come along to your bust is making a point, are they the first in a new waves of takedowns for P2P sites?

For me tvlinks fulfilled more of the promise of the iplayer from when I first heard about it, than the current version on the BBC (which I heard has so far cost £130 million , but I can’t trackdown the link right now, 2007-10-24: found the link now). All sort of programmes, in a simple to find layout, in a ok quality. Great if you missed a episode or even half a series, so you can catch up at your own pace.

Other sites take this to the next level adding extra meta data like cast listing, links the DVD releases , links to fansites, Trailers, talkboards and all for much less than £130 million. The BBC has built some of this meta data already, I just hope that the current iPlayer can evolve into what it should have been in the first place.

As for OiNK, I never even been to the site but from what I have read today, it does sound like it had a large number real music fans much like Audiogalaxy, lots of stories of people discovering many many new groups via the site.

Anyway it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

G.I. Zoe


G.I. Zoe

From the BBC’s new HIV/AIDS site: G.I Jonny launched at the end of the Stephen Fry‘s HIV & Me. Like Dolly Mix, I did find some of the stories hard to listen to, that people are still being knowingly infected by partners and even people who want to get the virus. I just can’t think of anyone else who could of presented the programme half as well Stephen Fry, just the right amount of honesty and shock ,all with a real human touch.