GPS in phones

or how I came to understand why I would want GPS in my phone. Here’s the story.

We were in the new (relatively speaking) part of Carcassonne (which is well worth a visit if you are in the area). This area framed by wide boulevard (which are on the site of the city walls) with lots of parking around a the grid like centre of narrow streets full of shops and places to eat, so we parked the car. Asking my mother that she remembered where we had parked, and off we go to window shop and get some food. So after a few hours and a very lovely meal finishing with a fantastic pear tart, we headed back to the car, or at least tried.

We had been having such a good time that my mother had forgotten where the car was, but had an idea which direction so off we walked, out from the center towards the car, no joy. In the end it was nearly two hour before we found the car, this was in February, and yes the south of France is cold at that time of year.

Since, I’ve always used my phone to take a picture of the street name where the car is, as a sort of outboard brain thing. But it would be so much easier with a GPS, set a marker where the car is, then just forget about it, shop, go for a meal whatever, then simply walk back towards that marker, easy.


We have Lotus Notes inflicted on us at work, it made me really appreciate Outlook. That is high praise indeed for a former life long Outlook hater (over complex, cluttered gui, feature overload).

Today’s Notes horror, got a meeting request, it overlapped with existing ones, nice dialog box telling me it overlapped but not on which meetings caused the problem. I was given the option to look at my calendar but not edit it, for that I had to go to another screen, open up the calendar, find and delete the overlapping meeting. Still the meeting request was saying meeting where still overlapping, turns out I had to close and reopen the meeting request, so it would then check the updated calendar, and everything was fine.

I’m now getting to the point where if I ever go for another interview and that company uses Notes, then I’m not going to work for them.

New old market square

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Not living in Nottingham I don’t get to the city centre that often anymore, I’m about 120 miles away, so its a bit of a trek. So when I do get into the centre something always seems to have changed. This time it was the new square, much changed since the last photo I took:

Market Square redevelopment

I only has a few minutes to grab some shots, so I didn’t get a really good look at the overall design, but I guess anything beats the old square ponds with single jets in the middle. No sign of any washing up liquid in the new fountains yet either.

Shame the weather was not better, on a sunny day, I think you could get some great photos.

Across the valley

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Mist from up high, originally uploaded by Z303.

Mostly just testing Flickr posting to the blog but its nice to remember being up in the Pyrenees, really high up looking down on Quilan, it was my first time in real mountains, so many beautiful views.

The Whole Virgin Vs. Sky Thing

Reading the on going handbag at dawn thing between Sky and Virgin ( I’ve only got freeview so its not a big deal for me). I can’t help thinking thepiratebay and mininova are going to see way more traffic from Virgin IP addresses (which from June is going to be even quicker). You have the illegal option getting easier and easier, with the legal way getting more and more of a pain.